Messianic Worship

How does the Messianic form of religious faith differ from mainstream Christian belief? In a true sense, it is a return to a "whole Bible" basis for belief and worship. The New Testament, comprised of just 27 books, was never to be considered as a "replacement" for the Tenach, or Old Testament, nor are the New Testament writings the sole basis of our faith. The New Testament apostles refer to the Old Testament hundreds of times in explaining the basis of belief and doctrine. Nor has the Old Covenant been completely "abolished" in the New Covenant. It is instructive that the word "New" in Biblical Greek means a refreshed, revised, or "better" covenant. (Heb. 7:19, 22; 8:6; 12:24) Just as a butterfly does not represent an abolishing of his former self (the caterpiller), but a transformation, so too the New Covenant represents a transformed and improved form of the Old, firmly based and built upon the same original Biblical principles. (Heb. 7:12) We have more Messianic teaching available...

What is the Messianic view on Biblical Torah (Old Testament law)? We uphold New Testament teaching and "establish the law" (Rom. 3:31), believing that "not one jot or tittle" is removed for the believer (Matt. 5:17-19). However, under the New Covenant there is a transformation of law (Heb. 7:12). Yah's commands represent principles and precepts for us under the New Covenant, which has been called a "preceptive" view of Torah. Read more about God's law and the New Covenant...

Messianic Bible Studies:

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We have posted on this page some interesting studies in the Word of Yah, out of many that have been presented through the years to our Messianic congregation. These are important subjects for believers to understand more about, including articles on the Feast Days, the Sacred Name, Yah's Kingdom, the New Covenant, and much more!

The Better Covenant!

Does the New Covenant abolish the Old Covenant and its Torah principles? How are laws and commands from the Tenach (Old Testament) to be practiced by believers today? Here is the answer from the Scriptures.

Messianic Prophecies

A list of Scripture passages from the Tenach (Old Testament) which prophesied of the coming Messiah, taken from famous Jewish Messianic author Alfred Edersheim's writings.

Yahshuah's Commandments

A comprehensive list of Scripture passages from the Br't Hadashah (New Testament) with all of Yahshuah's commands detailing our duties as His followers.

True Sacred Name of Elohim of Israel

It is popular today among Messianic believers to refer to our Heavenly Father by the name of "Yahweh," but this was a later derivation and corruption of the original pre-exilic Name used by kings and prophets in ancient Israel. Although these facts are little-known by laymen, we quote a variety of leading Hebrew scholars who inform us on what that Sacred Name actually was.

The Year of Messiah's Birth

When was Messiah born? Most Christians believe that December 25, 4 B.C. was the date of the nativity, but in this historical survey, ten early historians provide evidence that September, 2 B.C. is the correct date. This information is important as a crucial clue to the actual date of the Crucifixion and of the end date of Daniel's Seventy Weeks..

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

An exposition of Daniel 9:24-27, showing that the 70 weeks, or 490 years, of Daniel's prophecy was fulfilled in a complete block of time ending with the Crucifixion and death of the Messiah in 33 A.D. This is another proof of the exact fulfillment of Biblical prophecy to the very year.

The Everlasting Kingdom

The Kingdom of Yah is shown to be an everlasting Kingdom throughout human history, not limited to the Millennium, but it comes to full fruition in stages of fulfillment.

Hebrew Foundation Of Messiah's Church

Has the modern church forgotten and forsaken its Hebrew roots in the Scriptures? Here is proof that the early Church began upon a Hebrew foundation and obedience to Torah principles.

Who Was Abraham?

The first Biblical Patriarch is associated with three locations in the ancient mid-east. Where did the family of Abraham originate? Why did Terah, Abraham's father, leave Ur of Chaldees? Was the family original home in Harran? The surprising answers are here.

Ezekiel's Puzzling Prophecy

This prophetic vision in Ezekiel chapter four has been called the most mysterious and incomprehensible of all the prophetic pronouncements he made, according to several leading Biblical commentaries. Yet an understanding of Biblical history and prophecy provides a clear and definite answer to this important prophecy.

Ezekiel's Three Sisters

This interesting prophecy of Ezekiel chapter 16 has been long ignored by many Biblical expositors. Who are the three sisters and what is the message the prophet is conveying? Is the ancient wicked city of Sodom, the epitome of evil and unrighteousness, to be restored to its former self? Why would that be? When would that be? We show that the modern expositors have missed something here!

The Jewish Gentiles

A significant issue for Jews, Christians, and Messianic believers is the rampant diversity of American Jews. The recent population survey of American Jewry by the Pew Research Center shows that seventy-nine percent of American Jews marry Gentiles. Is there a future for Judaism?

Biblical Feast Day Chart

The Scriptural basis for keeping the Feast Days. The Old Covenant and New Covenant basis for the Biblical Feasts and Fasts is here presented in a tabular format with applicable Scripture verses from both Testaments.

Festivals of Passover and Unleavened Bread

The Biblical background to the Festivals of Passover and Unleavened Bread and how believers are to honor these Holidays today. See a banner display of the Feasts and Fasts posted in our picture pages.

Festival of Pentecost or Shavuot

The Biblical background of the Festival of the Wheat Harvest, Pentecost or Shavuot..

Festival of Yom Teruah

The Biblical background to the "Day of Shouting and blowing of trumpets," Yom Teruah..

Festival of Yom Teruah 2014

Another look at the "Day of Shouting and blowing of trumpets," Yom Teruah..

Fast of Yom Kippur

The Biblical background to the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.

A Prayer for Yom Kippur

A congregational petition to Heaven on the occasion of Yom Kippur. Offered on the Tenth Day of the Seventh Moon of the Heavenly Calendar.

Festival of Succoth (Tabernacles)

An introductory study of the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles or Succoth, and how believers are to honor it today..

Shemini Atzeret

A great day to meet with Yah! This special Feast Day marked the end of YAH’s fall 2014 festivals (Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkoth). It is also known as the “Last Great Day,” or “Eighth Solemn Assembly”.

A Christian Hanukkah?

Should Christians and Messianic believers keep the Hanukkah holiday? Did Messiah really keep it as some claim? Should we keep Yah's festivals or man's holidays? Here we document the surprising background and little-known "rest of the story" behind this recently popular holiday.

The Surprising Roots of Halloween!

The story of the connection between our American holiday and the paganism of ancient Palestine. Few Christians realize that the spiritual roots of these popular modern festivities derive from the same paganism that was earnestly fought by the prophets of Israel. A Palestinian connection with the "Yule" Christmas holiday is also documented.

The Sin Against Nature

What does the Bible really have to say about the issue of homosexuality? What is the Scriptural definition of unnatural sin? Here is an honest and reasonable analysis of the four primary New Testament passages dealing with this issue.

The Altars of Elohim

An introductory study of the Tabernacle furnishings and their historic and prophetic significance.

New Moon and the Date of the Feast of Atonement

How do we calculate the date of the Feast of Atonement and the New Moon?

What Is His Name And What Is His Son's Name?

A study on the Divine Sacred Name and its use by Messianic believers. Some believe that these Divine Names should not be written or spoken today; what do the Scriptures say?

Divine Name According To Modern Scholarship

A collection of authoritative statements quoted from leading theological journals and mainstream Biblical studies, showing the proper form of the Sacred Name of Elohim. Here is what the leading Hebrew scholars in the world today have to say!

Why Yahushua?

An explanation for the several different ways that the Messiah's Name is spelled and pronounced within the Messianic community. Which pronunciation is correct? Here is the answer.

The Truth Be Told (Poetry)

Here is some contemplative modern poetry with an important Scriptural doctrinal message, as presented to our appreciative Messianic congregation.


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